The RESSAQ asks the government to respect its commitments !

22 February 2017

Dear members,

We have met with the Labor Negotiating Committee for the Health and Social Servcices Sector (CPNSSS) as part of our monthly meetings. We would like to inform you that the meeting was crucial for our future.

We asked Mr. Pierre Lemay, the person in charge of our file, to get an official Treasury Board mandate to make changes to our collective agreement signed in January 2016. By the offer of a temporary maintenance measure to the National Alliance of ADRAQ-CSD (representing the residences for adults), we felt betrayed. We want to reassure you, this situation will not remain without actions from our part.

A press release to inform the public of this situation was disseminated to the media this morning. We invite you to share it in your networks in large numbers. The ministerial authorities will also be informed of the situation.

Please be assured that your wll-being is our priority and that all of our efforts will be directed towards this.

Your Executive Committee

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