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The coalition of Residential Resources of Quebec

Solidarity grouping

The RESSAQ is a regrouping of people that have been fighting in solidarity since 2003, so that the IR-FTR resources could negotiate equal to equal with the Minister of Health and Social Services for the recognition of their exceptional contribution to the Québec society.  Its mission is to help in the development of the N.I.R. in the frame of their role tied to the lodging and assistance of the résidents, to defend their rights, to promote the quality of the services given by the resources, to well inform its members and accompany them in their approaches. Its goal is to set up a legislative system that would meet the special needs of the resources.



Latest news

Formalities with the Minister of the MSSS

30 April 2020

Here is a brief press release explaining our recent approaches to the Minister of Health and Social Services, Ms. Danielle McCann to demonstrate our current disappointments with the lack of recognition given to the work of all FTRs during this COVID-19 crisis.

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Press release for FTR

24 April 2020

Here is a press release from your association in connection with the COVID-19 crisis, in which we explain our efforts so far.

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COVID-19: New information and pevention rules for familiy-type resources

Given the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 and the gradual emergence of cases of infection in Quebec, look some new information and prevention rules for family-type resources.

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A word from your committee

Dear resources members of the RESSAQ,

The new website for the Coalition of Adult Residential Resources of Québec aims to strengthen the quality of information so that we may enhance our work as « RESIDENTIAL RESOURCES »

You will also find a lot of information regarding our association. This support is anchored in a process of facilitating interactions between our Association and resources which are members of the RESSAQ. Its purpose is to provide all relevant information useful to the resources for the proper functioning of their residence.

To each and all, we wish you a warm welcome to our new website. You will surely find a mass of information allowing you to increase your knowledge about our association.

Happy browsing and keep in mind…reading is understanding !

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