Preventive withdrawal: The RESSAQ gathers another important gain for the resources of Quebec

12 July 2016

Once again, the RESSAQ gathers an important gain for all the intermediate resources and family type (RI/RTF) across Quebec by obtaining a judgement from the Administrative Tribunal of Labour (TAT) on the right to preventive withdrawal.

In fact, Ms Stéphanie Cordeau, regional president of the RESSAQ of the Estrie region and intermediate resource herself, was refused twice, her request for preventive withdrawal by the CSST (inscribed member since 2013) to receive income replacement indemnities under the Act.

With the help of the RESSAQ prosecutors, she filed a complaint with the Administrative Tribunal of Labour (TAT) who received her application.  It is on June 30th, following the complete analysis of her case, that Judge François Ranger from the Administrative Tribunal of Labour (TAT) delivers his judgement to the fact that Ms Cordeau was then eligible to apply for a safe motherhood (preventive withdrawal) of the CSST and says that she will be entitled to benefits under the law.

Of course, this judgement makes jurisprudence at the Commission of Health and Safety at work (CSST) concerning access for RI/RTF to the program for a safe motherhood (prevention withdrawal).  This is a major gain for all resources across Quebec.

You can read the following judgement here. (French version only)

Thanks to the tenacity of the RESAQ in obtaining better terms for resources !

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