Douglas University Institute – The RESSAQ succeeds in a battle for the resources !

29 January 2018

The RESSAQ is proud to announce that it has won its battle against The Douglas University Institute of Montreal in regards to the reimbursement of the user support expenses.

Indeed, since the ratification of the RESSAQ collective agreement dated January 12, 2016, the Douglas University Institute unfortunately did not respect clauses 3-8.08 to 3-8.11 concerning reimbursement of user support costs.  As a result, the resources related to this establishment could not, despite the multiple interventions of the RESSAQ, claim these expenses of accompaniments which were due to them.

Following a tough battle, the RESSAQ was finally successful in this case at the local committee meeting held on January 19th 2018 !  From now on, the Douglas University Institute of Montreal will respect our collective agreement and will have to retroactively pay back from January 12, 2016 until today the accompanying expenses of all the resources concerned.

For the concerned members, you have until March 1st, 2018 to make your claim of these expenses with your establishment.  Please take action right away so there is no misunderstanding later on.  This is another proof that the RESSAQ is fighting for you and constantly struggles for the work of resources to be respected by our government.

A statement to this effect from the Douglas University Institute will be forwarded to each of the resources affected by this judgment.  Click here to read it.

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