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Word of the President - January 30th, 2013



Since coming back from the Holidays, apart from the new methods of payment imposed by the HSSENC, the RESSAQ CSD is aware of not having given you the information expected as for the development of the negotiations for the upcoming collective agreement.
I am sincerely sorry for all the worries that are bugging you day-to-day and I would sincerely like that things go differently.
We must however understand that if the RESSAQ CSD has not undertook to demonstrate as envisaged shortly before the Holidays, and that if you did not have any other news up to now, there was a reason quite precise, but the work progress is allowing us today to reassure you as for the continuous and satisfactory development of the approaches under way to reach our goals.
First, we must know that in the beginning of January, a meeting was organized with a representative of the government aimed among others to try solving the matter of losses of remuneration envisaged for a great number of resources and the analysis of our financial needs by taking into account our real obligations.
To avoid compromising the issue of this unexpected collaboration, suggested by this representative of the government and other collaborators who finally joined this project, a confidentiality agreement has been concluded according to the will of both parties and it has not been possible for the executive of the RESSAQ CSD to inform you about it, as well as the members of its board of directors.  In the light of this, we are counting on your diligence and understanding toward our representatives who always make it their duty to inform you as far as possible.
This last month has been difficult for everyone, even when you do not hear about us, rest assure that we are working for you relentlessly and that we keep on going forward in this direction; that we see, at last, the light at the end of the tunnel!
Then, we must know that the last meeting of this improvised Committee will take place tomorrow and that a report putting forward different avenues to solve the 5 priorities stated in the memorandum intended for Mrs. Marois last fall will be presented.  And then, once this report presented to the HSSENC, a meeting will have to be planned in a near future and we will keep you informed of the subsequent developments.
Finally, the RESSAQ has received this initiative most positively and has offered all its collaboration to carry this project through a successful conclusion in the short deadline that it was allowed.  We have, at last, a true listening and will of working together for a satisfactory conclusion and we are positive for the future.  Let’s hope that the HSSENC will do as much.
To conclude, on another matter highly worrying for some persons presently receiving last resort financial aid benefits from Emploi Québec, you will find here a copy of the changes announced in link with the publication of a Draft by-law in the Gazette officielle du Québec.   
The position of the RESSAQ on this matter is that at first glance, it is not right that a person in charge of a family type or intermediate resource has to need this last resort assistance to survive and meet with its financial obligations.
This alteration to the law is not broached directly in the context of our negotiations because of course, we are aiming at more than the absence of cuts on these welfare benefits.  With an adequate remuneration, nobody should need / access this last resort financial aid.
This being, the RESSAQ CSD intends even so to carry out with the writing of a memorandum linked with this alteration to the Law, that will be intended for the Ministre de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale (Labor and social Solidarity) to denounce this project of statutory change.
See you soon for the follow-up!

Alcide Genesse,
Proud non-institutional resource
Proud president of the RESSAQ CSD

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