Filing of the petition to the National Assembly

5 April 2016

The RESSAQ wants to put an end to the payment reductions

QUÉBEC, April 5th, 2016 /CNW Telbec/ 

The Coalition of Adult Residential Resources of Québec (RESSAQ) filed in chamber today, a petition asking the Minister to put an end to the practice of downgrade revisions to the retribution already acquired. According to the existing procedures, improving the condition of a client (user) in a resource will affect his retribution by going downwards since the user’s classification rating is revised accordingly. The sustainability of the resources being is more than ever at risk, the RESSAQ will invest in every necessary effort so that the situation of its members improves.

« The revision for the classification procedures is now necessary for the well functioning and the future of the adult foster home resources. », underlines M. Réjean Simoneau, President of the RESSAQ. « Our members are currently being punished for their good hard work. There is no other workplace in Quebec or anywhere else for that matter that rewards an « employee » for his good work by reducing his salary. It makes no sense at all ! We must separate the means of compensation and the classifications of the users. ».

We are still waiting for a meeting with the Minister of Rehabilitation, Protection of the youth, for Public Health and Health lifestyle, Ms Lucie Charlebois, to discuss potential avenues and avoid the closure of many foster homes of Québec, the RESSAQ proposes different leads of solutions.

« We ask the Minister of Health and Social services (MSSS) to invite the RESSAQ to participate at the study committee regarding the classification grid or to put in place a revision committee of the Guide on How to use the Instrument of determination and of classification of support services and assistance », adds M. Simoneau. « We know that these procedures take time, but the resources that are about to close their resource don’t have any more « time ». That is why, during this transitional measure, we request of the MSSS to proceed with a freeze of the declassification of the users ». The RESSAQ also proposes the the annual revision of care to the user is not the only factor to the payment of the resources.

M. Simoneau reminds once again that the members of the RESSAQ are people of heart, but also people of action. Recognition of activities and learning retention would encourage the resource to become more involved in a better way of giving services, all to the benefit of the users. « We simply wish to have the proper needs and the necessary support to improve the lives of the people with whom we share our home. We are in good faith and sincerely wish to work in collaboration with the government to adjust the situation, but things must move forward.

About the Coalition of Adult Residential Resources of Québec The RESSAQ is a regrouping of people that have been fighting in solidarity since 2003, so that the IR-FTR resources could negotiate equal to equal with the Minister of Health and Social Service for the recognition of their exceptional contribution to the Québec society. Its mission is to help in the development of the N.I.R. in the frame of their role tied to the lodging and assistance of the residents, to defend their rights, to promote the quality of the services given by the resources, to well inform its members and accompany them in their approach. Its goal is to set up a legislative system that would meet the particular needs of the resources.

SOURCE Coalition of Adult Residential Resources of Québec (RESSAQ)

Information: Source : Réjean Simoneau, President, Coalition of Adult Residential Resources of Québec (RESSAQ); For all information or interview request : Stephany Alexia Dubeau, Consultant, Public Relations, Hill+Knowlton Stratégies, Tel. : 418 425-0980, Cell. : 418 570-0100, E-mail

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