Census Canada – Do we have to answer to the questions they ask ?

4 May 2016

In these past few days, we have been informed that certain resources, members of our association, had received calls from Census Canada.  We understand that these calls may be unsettling for some members.  Here are the explanations for the members affected by this situation.

Indeed, Statistics Canada is conducting the Census 2016.  It portrays facts about our people and the communities in which we live.  The data is important to our community and essential to plan our public services.  The data is collected under the Statistics Act and will remain strictly confidential.

Accordins to the law, each person must be counted in the census, includind those who live in a family type resource or intermediate resource like ours.  Note that a representative from Statistic Canada can communicate with a resource to solicit their help in counting all the people living with them, whether it is the residents as well as their family members, their owners and the administrators that live in the home.  As for the employees, if their home is not the resource itself, thay do not have to be counted in the cencus.

Who should be counted in my household ?

– All the people who have their principal residence at this address on May 10th 2016 and that the names appear in the household survey, including the new born, the room-mates, and any person temporarily absent (on a trip for example) are included in the survey;

– Children who usually live at this address are included.  Babies must be born befor May 10th, 2016;

– Spouse or law spouse who live elsewhere while they work or go to school must be included in the list of the principal residence of their family, if they are regularly there;

– Established immigrants and their families living with them are included in the survey;

– People applying for refugee statuts and members of their family who live with them are included in the survey;

– People from another country that have a work or study permit who are residents in Canada, who are not stangers visiting and that don’t have any usual residence in Canada, are included in the survey;

– People who have been institutionalized for less than six mouths (for example, in a retirement home, a hospital or a prison) should be listed at their residence.

Source: https://www133.statcan.gc.ca/census-recensement/en/portal-portail/information

So, your participation in this survey should not scare you in any way !  We confirm that you must answer the questions that are asked by the person of the survey, and this, without any worry.

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