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Special Edition – Info-RESSAQ++ Newsletter

14 October 2019

Spécial Edition of the Info-RESSAQ++ Newsletter online now !

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Special Edition – Info-RESSAQ Newsletter

5 July 2019

Special Edition of the New Info-RESSAQ Newsletter !

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Additional lump sum amounts – Salary increases

12 June 2018

According to the directives received from the Ministry for this purpose, this additionnal lump sum payment should be paid, retroactively, to each of the RESSAQ resource members for the monthly payment of your remuneration on June 15, 2018.

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Douglas University Institute – The RESSAQ succeeds in a battle for the resources !

29 January 2018

The RESSAQ is proud to announce that it has won its battle against The Douglas University Institute of Montreal in regards to the reimbursement of the user support expenses.

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Thanks…Regional assemblies

3 November 2017

In the last few weeks, we have held regional meetings across the province to meet with you and take notes on what was going on in the regions. Also, you were able to proceed in the elections ...

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Understanding the classification tool

16 March 2017

Mr. Daniel Préville, Vice-President, for Associate Linving, is the spokeperson of the RESSAQ with regards to the classification tool.

Upon working with the members of the RESSAQ regarding the classifications, he noticed that many resources did not have a good understanding of their classification tool. Thereby, Mr. Préville prepared a special chronicle of information for you benefit. You will find, in the next chapters, these explanations that will enable you to better understand the complexity of this tool.

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Application of the trailer-clause for the members of the RESSAQ

7 November 2016

The RESSAQ has finally received official confirmation from the CPNSSS regarding the application of the trailer-clause for the resources members of the RESSAQ. Read more....

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Preventive withdrawal: The RESSAQ gathers another important gain for the resources of Quebec

12 July 2016

Once again, the RESSAQ gathers an important gain for all the intermediate resources and family type (RI/RTF) across Quebec by obtaining a judgement from the Administrative Tribunal of Labour (TAT) on the right to preventive withdrawal.

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Census Canada – Do we have to answer to the questions they ask ?

4 May 2016

In these past few days, we have been informed that certain resources, members of our association, had received calls from Census Canada. We understand that these calls may be unsettling for some members. Here are the explanations for the members affected by this situation.

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Filing of the petition to the National Assembly

5 April 2016

to put an end to the practice of downgrade revisions to the retribution already acquired. According to the existing procedures, improving the condition of a client (user) in a resource will affect his retribution by going downwards since the user’s classification rating is revised accordingly. The sustainability of the resources being is more than ever at risk, the RESSAQ will invest in every necessary effort so that the situation of its members improves.

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